Debunked: British Woman Claims to be Pregnant With Child of Prince Harry

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It is being reported that a British woman is claiming to be pregnant with the child of Prince Harry. This story is a fake news article and is not true.

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This is yet another false story from satirical news outlet World News Daily Report. The website produces all manner of outlandish content, some of which is shared and passed off as legitimate news. There is a disclaimer link at the top of their site which advises visitors that all their articles are totally fictional. A fair amount of readers seem to overlook this when first encountering the site.

Their newest piece of fiction reports that a homeless 38-year-old woman in Britain has claimed that she is pregnant by Prince Harry. The story goes on to describe how the woman was arrested after she had been chased by police numerous times as she was regularly seen attempting to get onto the grounds of Buckingham Palace over the last several weeks.

Misleading Photos

There are two photos associated with the World News Daily Report article, and both have been taken from other places and reused in a false way.

  • The first photo, which apparently depicts the homeless woman, was taken from a 2012 KTVU story¬†(no longer online) out of Concord, California in which a woman was arrested for suffocating her boyfriend to death.
  • The second photo, which claims to show Buckingham Palace gardeners who had found the woman’s feces, is actually a real picture of gardeners at Buckingham Palace, but the picture was taken from a 2010 post from Ghostly Tom’s Travel Blog.


A woman in Britain has not claimed to be pregnant with the child of Prince Harry. The article claiming this is a fictional and satirical story posted by World News Daily Report. Two pictures linked to the story have been shown to come from other places and depict earlier events not associated with this false story.

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