Fake News: Woman Arrested in Walmart with Sausage

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A false news report claims that a woman was arrested in a Louisiana Walmart for pleasuring herself in the bathroom with a sausage.

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False News

The fictional story was published by Now8News, which is a fake news website. The false story claims that police were summoned to a Louisiana Walmart when a customer was spotted stealing food from the meat aisle. The woman was seen going into the bathroom for 30 minutes until a security guard walked in and caught the woman pleasuring herself with the Jimmy Dean product.


As stated earlier, Now8News is a website devoted to publishing fake and outlandish stories which are often highly shared due to their shocking nature.


The story of a woman arrested after pleasuring herself with a sausage at a Louisiana Walmart is not true. It was published by the fake news website Now8News, which is known to produce over-the-top fictional stories.

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