Fake News: White House Planning National Marijuana Legalization by Summer 2015

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A fake news article published over the weekend claims that the White House is planning national legalization of marijuana by the summer of 2015.

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Fake News

This fabricated feature emanates from notorious satire website National Report.  In the article, it is claimed that the Obama Administration was attempting to federally legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana by summer of 2015. According to the fake write-up, the information came from sources within the White House, and the motivation is implied to be financial as well as political (approval ratings).

Marijuana Legalization

If the Obama Administration does support the national legalization of marijuana, it has not publicly proposed any such legislation, and such goals would likely take much longer to accomplish than the summer of 2015. It is probable that more individual states will legalize cannabis before the federal government would even begin to alter its drug policies.

National Report

National Report seems to be one of the most popularly infamous satirical websites out of  dozens of such sites which have sprung up over the last two years. . Their brand of satire also seems to be some of the least humorless which sometimes results in readers believing the stories to be actual news. A tactic which is likely intentional, as their articles regularly become viral “clickbait” as susceptible multitudes pass the headlines along through social media.  They claim to pander to “traditional conservatism” as “America’s #1 Independent News Source”

At one time, National Report had a disclaimer on display which acknowledged the fictional disposition of their satire. However, this clause has since been hidden somewhere on the site and/or has been completely removed. The only disclaimer currently visible is one which warns that the site is not intended for viewing by minors.


The White House is not planning national marijuana legalization by summer of 2015. National Report has issued this claim, and they are well-known as a source of fictional satire masquerading as fake news which is sometimes misinterpreted  as authenticated news.

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