Debunked: Video Game Not Encouraging Players to Hunt Christians

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A story circulating this week claims that a new video game to be released in December 2014 will encourage players to hunt Christians and Jews. The story, however, is fake.

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The faux news article was published by National Report, which is a website that publishes fake news and satire.


The fake story claims that a game by the name of Battlefield Allah will be a first-person shooter with a Muslim character whose mission is to convert Christians. The fake story continues to write that gamers will be encouraged to capture, torture, and kill Christians and Jews.

National Report

Many of the National Report’s¬†headlines are shocking and outlandish, and readers often share these fake stories without realizing that the website’s information is fabricated.

The website has posted a disclaimer on occasion, stating that it publishes satire. That disclaimer has been removed, altered, and moved on several occasions over the past year. Its current disclaimer only reads that the website is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Real Video Game

In 2006, a Christian real-time strategy game called Left Behind: Eternal Forces was the subject of controversy because it allegedly allowed players to kill non-Christian characters who could not be converted. Several Christian groups called for a boycott of the game.

Bottom Line

The story that a video game encourages players to kill Christians and Jews is fake. There was, however, a controversial Christian video game in 2006 which loosely resembled the fake story by National Report.

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