U.S. Company is Not Hiring Mercenaries to Kill ISIS for $500K

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A satirical article in heavy rotation claims that a U.S. company is hiring mercenaries to kill members of ISIS for an annual pay of $500,000.

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Fake News Story

This fake article was issued by satirical website National Report. The mock editorial tells the story of a private U.S. military company who are hiring civilians to kill members of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for an annual salary of half a million dollars. Employment conditions such as history and background would be disregarded as the only requirement for aspiring mercenaries would be a high ISIS death toll. Included in the column are false quotes from the companies imaginary CEO (the reappearing Paul Horner) and several various agents of the company.

As the write-up progresses, the quotes and claims become increasingly outlandish. For example, one of the claims is that the group may be funded by eccentric Texas billionaire Ross Perot, while another asserts that the company’s personnel had already slaughtered thousands of ISIS members.

In the conclusion, the article provides fraudulent contact information for wishful mercenaries.

National Report

National Report is a popular satire website which has become infamous over the last two years for the transmission of false viral stories. At times, their content can be vaguely amusing, yet they sometimes resort to scare tactics and trolling hot button issues to draw in traffic.

The Washington Post article linked in the first paragraph of this writing is an excellent overview of how National Report operates.

It seems they are pushing the boundaries between delusion and reality with this current article, perhaps seeing how many unsuspecting people will actually attempt to send them serious resumes. Admittedly, the urge to send in an absurd fantasy resume is somewhat appealing.

At one time in the past, the National Report webpage included a disclaimer which notified visitors that the content was satirical. In a possible attempt to appear more credible, the disclaimer was visibly expunged from the site at some point, but may currently reside on a page devoted to site legal issues.

Bottom Line

A U.S. company is not hiring civilian mercenaries to kill ISIS members for $500k a year. This is a fake article which originated from a well-known satire site called National Report.

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