There Will Not Be A Three Dollar Gas Tax Coming in January

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Late last week it was reported that a bill was passed which will add an additional three dollar tax per gallon of gas starting in January. This news is not factual.

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Deceitful News

The piece, which was posted by the fake news site National Report, insists that a three dollar tax on each gallon of gasoline was hidden inside an environmental bill that was passed due to a group of Republicans seeking reelection. It is purported that the bill will take effect in January of 2015. However, this story is made-up.

Early last week, the Washington Post featured an article on the hoax-news industry.  It states that many fake news sites “…deal less in legitimate satire than in viral hoaxes, intended to deceive”. In addition, the article mentions that fake news has become big business in the last year and a half, and many people do not use critical thinking or skepticism when confronted with viral pseudo news stories. Facebook now automatically marks articles from these sites as “satire”.

National Report, the site that posted the three dollar gas tax article, once included a retraction with a confirmation that it printed spurious stories. Apparently,  this notification has since disappeared from the site.


There will not be a three dollar gas tax increase that will be implemented in January. The article claiming this is from a known false news site.

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