Fake Story: Sarah Palin Asks Obama to Invade Ebola

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A news story in circulation this week claims that Sarah Palin asked President Obama to “invade” Ebola. That story, however, is not true.

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Fake News

The false report comes from the website National Report, which publishes fake news in the name of satire.

In the fake report we read Palin’s “Open Verbal Letter On the Nation’s Behalf” which calls for “swift and immediate invasionary action against Ebola.” The fictional open letter continues in a tone which indicates Palin does not understand that Ebola is a virus and not a country.

National Report appears to have borrowed the story idea from an earlier satirical story posted by The Lapine which was published in early August 2014. In that story, Palin was “reported” to have urged the U.S. Government to “evacuate” the U.S. Embassy in Ebola.

That article also included fake quotes by the former Alaska Governor and V.P. candidate, such as, “First let me say that some of my best friends are Ebolan and I’m saddened by recent events.”

National Report

The “satirical” website National Report has on occasion published a disclaimer which states that the website publishes fiction. At times that disclaimer has been moved to other areas of the website, or removed altogether.


Sarah Palin did not ask President Obama to “invade Ebola.” Those fictional remarks were published by a satire website and are completely untrue.

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