Hoax: Ruins of Ancient City Discovered in Australian Desert

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A recent news article claims that the ruins of a large ancient city were discovered in the Australian desert. The story is fake and untrue.

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Hoaxed Fake News

This latest sample of imitation news comes from World News Daily Report, the same website which has recently brought us bogus viral stories such as German scientists discovering proof of the afterlife and English construction workers discovering the skull of William Wallace. Many of these satirical news sites  contain a disclaimer warning readers that their writing are fake. World News Daily Report is no exception, and clearly states in their disclaimer that all their stories are exclusively fictional.  Still, this apparently does not prevent viewers from taking them seriously and spreading their stories as reality.

In their latest work of fiction, it is claimed that a team of Australian archeologists were in the process of excavating a considerably large and antiquated city which was discovered in the Australian desert. According to the article, the ancient city was over 1500 years old and once contained 20,000-30,000 citizens, but goes on to say that it was abandoned sometime in the 9th century due to powerful changes in the local climate. The account implies that the lost city may be the metropolis of some previously unknown empire. To reiterate, the story is complete make-believe.

Misused Photos

A number of photos are included in the article that have been previously posted in other places. Here is a rundown of the photos:

  • The first photo in the article appears to have been taken from a Pinterest account, and actually depicts a series of pyramids discovered in the African country of Sudan near the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.
  • The second photo of a skeleton curled up in an excavated grave appears to have come from a foreign website devoted to archeology. The photo originally appeared on the internet in November of 2011.
  • The final photograph depicting a golden bowl is actually from a university museum in South Africa. It is actually an archeological find from South Africa. The picture of the original bowl can be viewed here.


Ruins of an ancient city have not been discovered in the Australian desert. The article comes from a fake news site, World News Daily Report, that presents fictional stories that seem real. Photos included in the article are actually pictures found on the internet which depict entirely different findings.

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