Rick Ross & Jason Peters Not Arrested for Suge Knight Shooting

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On August 29th, 2014 a fake news website reported that Rick Ross & Jason Peters were arrested for shooting Suge Knight.

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Not True

The account, which was published four days ago on Huzlers, is currently spreading on social media.  Huzlers presents preposterous satirical stories which it attempts to pass off as legitimate news. Although excessive, these accounts are sometimes diffused into social media as if true, and sweep from user to user without regard for validity.

Huzlers‘ fictive narrative claims that witnesses to the recent Suge Knight shooting have come forward with claims that the gunman was Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters, and the gun was allegedly provided to him by rapper Rick Ross. As with many of these satirical sites that post false news, they combine links to true accounts mixed with fantasy in a way that can make fiction seem more real. While it is true that Suge Knight was recently shot several times at a party in Los Angeles, it is not true that Rick Ross and Jason Peters were arrested for the shooting, and there are no authentic news outlets cited to confirm this part of the claims.

TMZ Breaking News on Facebook

In an effort to apparently make it’s stories seem more real, Huzlers seemingly operates a Facebook account under the name “TMZ Breaking News”. Although the page links to TMZ, it does not appear to be affiliated with TMZ, and many of the stories posted on the page originate from Huzlers. A visit to the TMZ website and an authentic TMZ Facebook page reveals no visible connection back to Huzlers or the “TMZ Breaking News” Facebook page.


The story that Rick Ross and Jason Peters have been arrested in the shooting of Suge Knight is not true. It first appeared on the webpage of Huzlers, a “satirical entertainment website”. A Facebook page entitled “TMZ Breaking News” has also posted the account and appears to be associated with Huzlers. It does not appear to be related to the real TMZ.

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