Fake News: Obamacare Will Not Cover Ebola Treatment

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A National Report article posted yesterday claims that Obamacare will not cover treatment of the Ebola virus. The article is a fake news story.

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Fake News

This piece of false news was introduced by National Report, a website notorious for creating counterfeit stories. In the story, it is claimed that treatment for the Ebola virus was vaguely defined under the Affordable Health Care Act (AKA Obamacare). However, the headline of the article and parts of the write-up imply that the Ebola virus would not be covered. Nevertheless, the story is fictitious.

Ebola Virus in the United States

National Report often publishes features that fog the boundaries between reality and make-believe. It is true that the first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the United States. An article published earlier this morning by Time reports that the patient is being treated in Dallas, Texas after he had taken a flight from Liberia to Dallas. The article goes on to state that Texans have remained calm in spite of the viruses appearance in their state.

National Report

National Report is one of several websites which have become popular over the last two years for the spread of fake viral news stories. Those who spread the stories on social media appear to be unaware that the site publishes phony news, and frequently seem to pass on the articles while only glancing at the headline.

In the past, the National Report website sported a disclaimer that enlightened readers of its satirical and fictional nature, but this disclaimer has apparently been removed in recent times. Now they claim to be “America’s #1 Independent News Source”, and any mock stories that will bring in traffic seems to be fair game for publishing.


A fake news article has claimed that Obamacare will not cover treatment of the Ebola virus. This article has come from National Report which is a website well-known for posting fabricated news stories.

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