Not True: Obama to Visit Mosque & Host Muslims on 9/11

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A false story released this evening by National Report claims that President Obama will visit a mosque and host Muslim leaders on the anniversary of 9/11.

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Not True

Just in time to exploit the anniversary of 9/11, “satirical” news site National Report has released an article that is sure to also capitalize on feelings of political alienation. The column, along with all other National Report editorials, is a fake story that is meant to be understood as satire. Since National Report has removed a disclaimer that alerts visitors to this fact, some may circulate the information as fact. Although lacking in satirical elements (such as humor), the story is most assuredly not true.

This latest piece of bad satire claims that the White House Press Secretary had announced that President Obama would be visiting an unidentified mosque on the anniversary of September 11th as a token of generosity towards American Muslims. The fake feature goes on to say that President Obama would then host a luncheon with Muslim leaders at the White House. Again, the article is fake.

According to the ‘Advertise with NR’ link on the National Report website, they receive over 1 million unique visitors every month. This is an indication of how popular and profitable the business of fake news disguised as satire has become. Some articles produced by these sites become viral phenomenons when people fail to realize they have originated from satirical sites which produce fictional news stories.


President Obama is not going to visit a mosque and a host Muslims on the anniversary of 9/11. The write-up claiming this is from a website which is known to publish fictional and satirical news stories called National Report.

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