Fake News: Obama Takes Credit When Marine is Released From Mexican Prison

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A fake news article currently in heavy rotation claims that President Obama has taken unwarranted credit for the release of a marine from a Mexican prison.

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Fake News

This bogus news commentary was published by ill-famed satire website National Report. The misleading article mixes fact with fiction which makes it appear to be more realistic. It is true that a 25-year-old Marine reservist named Andrew Tahmooressi was allegedly arrested on March 31st of 2014 for attempting to pass through a checkpoint into Tijuana, Mexico with several firearms. Tahmooressi spent 214 days in Mexican prison due to Mexico’s  rigid gun laws and was released on November 2nd of 2014 when the charges were withdrawn.

While congressional hearings on the subject were highly critical of the Obama Administration’s efforts to free Tahmooressi, President Obama has not taken credit for release of the Marine. This is the part of the writing that is fictional.

National Report

Over the last two years, National Report has become a popular satire site that is notorious for the release of a daily discharge of false news stories. As exemplified in the article mentioned above, these stories sometimes cover hot button issues that attempt to “troll” readers into an outrage with false political reports. Unsuspecting social media users often share these infuriating headlines unaware that the writings are fabricated.

At some point in the past, the National Report website contained a noticeable disclaimer which made visitors aware that the site was satirical. In recent months, this disclaimer has been extracted from visibility, and is currently buried on the site’s legal page. Supposedly, this legally allows National Report to continue writing false stories without the threat of legal action.

For further information on National Report, view this excellent Washington Post article.


President Obama has not taken credit for the release of a Marine from a Mexican prison. The false account claiming this comes from infamous satire site National Report.

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