Hoax: Obama Abolishes 22nd Amendment

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A fake satire article circulating today claims that President Obama has abolished the 22nd Amendment and put 500 U.S. military generals under house arrest.

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This bogus article is the most recent attempt at click-bait trolling from infamous satire site National Report. The mock write-up claims that President Obama had used his executive power to dissolve the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution in an effort to run for a third term as president. It goes on to make a number of shocking claims such as 500 U.S. military generals had been put under house arrest, President Obama’s cabinet had been arrested, and troops/tanks were advancing on several cities. From there, the claims only get more and more outrageous.

If it isn’t obvious, this National Report piece is fictional satire.

National Report

National Report is one of the more popular of a dozen or so satire sites which spawn a nearly endless stream of false news stories that sometimes appear to be real. Although labelled as satire, the type of parody adopted by National Report regularly lacks elements which would identify it as mockery. At times, social media users misinterpret these satire stories as genuine news and share the headlines with friends. This is how false viral memes are born.

Formerly, National Report featured a disclaimer on their website which made it known that their writings were fictional pieces meant to be taken as satire. At some point, the disclaimer disappeared. It is currently likely hidden on a legal page of the website, a scheme which may legally protect them while allowing the continuation of a stream of fake news articles.


President Obama has not overturned the 22nd Amendment. He has not arrested 500 U.S. military generals and he is not seeking a third term as president. These outrageous claims radiate from satirical news website National Report.

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