Debunked: MTV Starts Production on ’12 And Pregnant’

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A news article that has been circulating since July reports that MTV has begun production of their new show called ’12 And Pregnant’. The article is fake.

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This bogus story comes from Empire News. In an apparent satirical mockery of MTV’s 16 And Pregnant, the fictional story relates how filming had begun on a new show entitled 12 And Pregnant which depicts the lives of three pregnant 12-year-olds. According to Empire News, MTV viewers had demanded such a show, and the fabricated feature goes on to claim that it would be similar to 16 And Pregnant but with more “parental drama”.

The fictional article has been circulating via social media on and off since being posted in July of 2014.

Fake 12 And Pregnant Videos

In 2010 and 2011, a couple of Youtube users uploaded videos making fun of 16 And Pregnant. These videos were labelled as being 12 And Pregnant, and may have been the inspiration for the Empire News article. This also may confuse some readers who search Google in attempts to verify whether the story is genuine or not.

Empire News

Over the last two years, satirical sites which produce fake news stories have become popular. At times, these articles take a viral spin through social media as they are shared by readers who mistake the fake headlines as truth. Empire News is one such site. Earlier in September, they fooled the social media masses with their viral Betty White death hoax and another story claiming meteorologists had predicted massive snow accumulation this winter.

At the very bottom of each Empire News page, there is an “About / Disclaimer” link which lets readers in on the joke. In part, the disclaimer reads, “Empire News is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized”.


MTV has not begun production on a new show called 12 And Pregnant. The article which claims this is making fun of MTV’s show 16 And Pregnant. It was published by Empire News, a site known for creating fictional news stories.


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