Michelle Obama Did Not Do Shocking Interview with ‘OUT’ Magazine

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A false news story was released earlier today claiming that Michelle Obama has given a interview for an upcoming ‘OUT’ magazine that will shock the world.

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Not True

This contrived piece was introduced by National Report. Formerly, the website displayed a disclaimer informing readers that it’s content was fictional satire, but the disclaimer has subsequently been withdrawn. Now the only disclaimer visible is one which says the website is only intended for those of legal age (18 years) and the site tagline claims they are “America’s #1 Independent News Source”.

The mock article claims that Michelle Obama has a forthright disclosure which will appear in an upcoming issue of ‘Out’ magazine, a well-known publication devoted to gay and lesbian lifestyles. National Report’s implication seems to be that the disclosure has something to do with President Obama being gay or the First Lady being a transgendered woman. No reliable sources are cited by the article and it links to a set of dubious Youtube videos. There are no credible sources because the story is a fabrication by a website known to post fake news.

Fake news website are beginning to become a complication as unaware readers share the stories as accurate. This can sometimes cause an inaccurate news item to go viral as many overlook the satirical nature of these posts. In defense of people who may share these stories, many of these stories lack elements that should identify them as satire.  The reason for this proliferation of fake satirical news seems to be popularity and profit.


First Lady Michelle Obama has not given a shocking interview to ‘Out’ magazine. National Report is responsible for this claim, and they are notable for their production of completely fictional news through the medium of satire.

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