Hoax: Michael Brown Case Dismissed by UN

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A fake news article claims that the United Nations (UN) has dismissed the case of Michael Brown which was presented recently by his parents.

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This fake piece of news is the latest clickbait hoax from National Report. The fictional editorial states that the United Nations (UN) Committee Against Torture has discharged the case of Michael Brown which was recently presented in Geneva, Switzerland by the slain teen’s parents. According to the phony commentary, the UN quickly rejected the case, and several false interview quotes are provided. One of the counterfeit quotations accuses the parents of undo privilege, while another claims that individual cases of human rights violations paled in comparison to infringements in third world countries.

Michael Brown was shot to death by police in Ferguson, MO in August of 2014. Conflicting details of the shooting have resulted in accusations of racism and police brutality. Several days of civil disorder erupted in Ferguson after the shooting.

In their private testimony to the UN Committee Against Torture, Brown’s parents called for the arrest of the police officer that shot their son (Darren Wilson), a resignation of the Ferguson police chief, and a national investigation of racist police brutality in the United States.

National Report

Fake news published by satirical websites has become increasingly more common over the past two years. This is likely due to the ability of these sites to draw in large amounts of internet traffic and income through third party advertisements. National Report is one such site.

National Report’s satire often demonstrates humorless qualities while exploiting hot button topics intended to incite smugness, rage, or any immediate reactions on social media. Perhaps the goal is a knee-jerk reaction to share the headlines with others, a ploy which causes a surge of traffic to visit the National Report website. This sharing of  headlines via social media channels can cause articles to snowball in viral fashion.

For more information on the business of fake news and National Report, the Washington Post recently published this excellent article.

Bottom Line

The UN has not promptly dismissed the case of Michael Brown. The false article claiming this has originated from National Report, an infamous “satire” site.

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