Hoax: Martin Returning to TV with Ashanti

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Yesterday an article appeared claiming that the popular 90s show Martin would be returning to TV with Ashanti replacing Tisha Campbell. The article is fake.

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This fictitious story comes from satirical entertainment website The News Nerd. The article claims that Fox was resurrecting ‘Martin, a popular 1990s TV show starring Martin Lawrence, due to a lack of successful shows. It goes on to claim that Tisha Campbell’s character Gina Waters would be replaced by singer and actress Ashanti. There is also a fabricated quotation attributed to Ashanti, and a claim that new ‘Martin episodes would air in the fall of 2015. Again, the article is fake.

Martin Lawrence in Partners

Martin Lawrence did return to TV in early August as part of a new FX sitcom called ‘Partners‘ which co-stars Kelsey Grammer. In the show, Lawrence and Grammer play lawyers who maintain differing ethical standards. So far, the show has been widely panned by critics.

The News Nerd

The News Nerd is one of many recent websites which publishes fake news articles cloaked as entertainment satire. Such sites have grown in popularity over the last two years as inattentive readers have shared the phony headlines through social media in such a way that they appear to be authentic news. Sometimes one of these mock stories will go viral as a result.

In fact, this particular story was initially reprinted by WPGC, a FM radio station and CBS affiliate out of Washington, D.C. At this time, a search on Google still reveals results for the article, but it has apparently since been removed, as clicking on the link results in, “Page not found… We’re sorry! This page is not available.”

At the bottom of every News Nerd page, there are a couple sentences under an ‘About The News Nerd’ heading. The following is a quote of those two sentences, “The stories posted on TheNewsNerd are for entertainment purposes only. The stories may mimic articles found in the headlines, but rest assured they are purely satirical”.

Bottom Line

‘Martin’ is not returning to TV with Ashanti as a replacement for Tisha Campbell’s character. The article issuing this claim comes from The News Nerd, a website which publishes mock news stories masked as satirical entertainment.

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