A Man’s Genitals Were Not Stolen in Thailand

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A fake article circulating on social media claims that a man’s genitals were stolen while he was on a trip to Thailand.

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Fake News

This bogus piece of writing comes from World News Daily Report, a site that publishes “political satire”. The fake feature claims that 58 year-old male tourist was drugged and had his genitals removed while sleeping in Bangkok, Thailand. After waking up, the article claims that the man was rushed to the hospital due to serious bleeding, and that he was currently in stable condition.

Included in the article is a false quote warning tourists about the illegal black market for large human genitals which supposedly fetch considerable sums in order to be ingested as an aphrodisiac.


On a consistent basis, World News Daily Report lifts photographs from other websites and uses them for their own fictional purposes.

The picture of the man crying which is attached to the article is a fairly stock photo of a crying man from the internet. The earliest use of the picture seems to come from a blog post from August, 2009.

The bloody surgical picture appears to come from 2012 DW.de article about Chinese officials harvesting organs from prisoners on death row.

World News Daily Report

All satire sites include a disclaimer that identifies them as such. The World News Daily Report disclaimer can be found at the top of their site. Following this disclaimer link reveals that the site is satirical, and contains the following quote: “All news articles contained within worldnewsdailyreport.com are fiction, and presumably fake news.”

There has been a rise in fake news sites posing as satire over the last two years. This is likely due to the amount of traffic that these sites can draw and the related income that can be made through third party advertisements.

These sites post their satirical articles to social media accounts where a process of headline sharing begins. As the headlines are transmitted via social media sharing, people begin to confuse fiction with fact, and the article has the potential to go viral.

Bottom Line

A man visiting Bangkok, Thailand did not have his genitals stolen. This is a fictional article that comes from a satire site called World News Daily Report.

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