Fake News: Malaysia Airline Flight Forced Into Emergency Landing After Flying Over Icelandic Volcano

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A phony article circulating since Monday claims that a Malaysia Airlines flight flew over an active volcano in Iceland and had to make an emergency landing.

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World News Daily Report has posted this imaginary story. They are recognized for writing fictional news articles that are intended to be taken as satire.


The fabricated article claims that a Malaysia Airlines flight from Paris to New York was required to make an emergency landing when the ill-advised flightpath took it over an active volcano. Reportedly, the navigation systems of the Boeing 777 were damaged and the plane landed in Iceland. Again, this story is false.

World News Daily Report

Although all World News Daily Report articles are fiction, they are often presented in ways that make them appear to be real. Some of the content is far-out while other material seems to fit right in with official headlines.

The website includes a disclaimer page that explains all their writings are made-up stories. This disclaimer can be found at the top (just left of the middle) of each page.

Article Comments

Some of the reader comments attached to the article seem to be evidence that they miss the disclaimer, and at least a few visitors believe the stories are real. Many of the remarks do not seem to address the fact that the write-up is untrue, and at times can deteriorate into pointlessly irrelevant arguments. This writer strongly suspects the comments are moderated and edited to remove exposure of the deception while perpetuating  senseless disagreements.

Bottom Line

A Malaysia Airlines flight was not forced to make an emergency landing after flying over a volcano in Iceland. The article claiming this has come from World News Daily Report, a fake news website which produces nothing but fictional stories.

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