Fake Report: Kylie Jenner’s Butt Implants Deflated

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A story circulating in early May 2015 claims that Kylie Jenner was hospitalized because her butt implants started deflating.

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FakeĀ Report

The phony report states that Jenner was sleeping with rapper Tyga, when the man called for help because he saw and heard Jenner’s implants deflating.

This false report comes from the fake news website Huzlers, which has circulatedĀ a number of phony viral stories over the past year.

The current fake story regarding Jenner has not been reported by any legitimate news source, because it simply isn’t true. Huzlers banks on the sharing of its outlandish stories by readers who do not take the time to fact-check the site.

Further proof that the story is fake is the fact that most current implants are made from a soft-solid silicone, which does not leak or deflate.


The story that Kylie Jenner was hospitalized due to the deflation of her butt implants is false. It was published by the fake news website Huzlers.

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