Hoax: Kim Kardashian in ICU After Being Beaten by Kanye West

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A fake article has been made public stating that Kim Kardashian is in the ICU after being beaten by her husband Kanye West. The claim is not true.

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The Kardashians and publicized spousal beatings are media sensations. Recently, TMZ released startling footage of Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens punching his wife out in an elevator. So what would make a popular fake news story? Maybe merge a story about spousal beatings with the Kardashians and create a story about Kim Kardashian being in the intensive care unit (ICU) after a beating by Kanye West. This is exactly what satirical website Huzlers has done for their latest story.

Composed of a mere three sentences, the fake story claims that Kim Kardashian was in the ICU after nearly being beaten to death by Kanye West outside of a restaurant on Friday night. It is implied that the beating may have occurred due to a sexual transmitted disease (STD) that Kardashian had somehow acquired. The story is fake.

On the Huzlers website is a disclaimer that notifies readers that the site fuses authentic crazy news with false satirical stories. This disclaimer sometimes moves around the site, but can usually be found somewhere near the bottom of pages on the right or left side. The false stories are often very concise, and a search on Google will reveal that no one else is reporting on them. Some people do not realize the false nature of these stories, and will spread them around on social media as truth. At times, these fake stories will spin out of control in a viral fashion.


Kim Kardashian is not in the ICU after being beaten by Kanye West. Huzlers, a site which integrates real news with fictional news, has created this fake story and published it on their website.

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