Satire: Kim Jong-un Did Not Do the Ice Bucket Challenge

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A news story circulating this week makes the assertion that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. That story is fake.

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This article comes to us from the “satire” website National Report. That website does not publish true news stories, but fake, sometimes humorous stories of fiction.

In the false Ice Bucket story about the North Korean leader, we read that Jong-un took the challenge by having an assistance receive the water on his behalf. The story also states that the leader challenged Kim Kardashian, an ISIS leader, and America to lift its trade embargo.

National Report has been responsible for a host of false viral stories over the past year. It is apparent from the comments that some readers are either unaware that the story is fiction, or are playing along as if they believe it.

The website at one time had a disclaimer stating that all of its stories were fictional, but that appears to have been removed in recent months.


The story that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un performed the ice bucket challenge with a stand-in is a work of fiction. The incident never happened and the story is a work of satire.

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