Satire: Kanye West Regrets North, “I Should Have Pulled Out”

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A recent fake article claims that Kanye West regretted the birth of his daughter North West, and was heard saying, “I should have pulled out.”

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Bad Satire

This phony news item masquerading as bad satire comes from satirical site Huzlers. The spoof commentary describes how several spectators witnessed Kanye West rush from his LA mansion in frustration as loud music (Kayne’s latest album to be exact) and the cries of a child could be heard coming from within. Before returning indoors, Kanye reportedly exclaimed, “I should’ve never had that kid, I should’ve pulled out…”. In the conclusion, the fictional editorial claims that the volume of the music within the house increased after Kanye reentered the house, and the baby’s mother, Kim Kardashian, was not present at the mansion at the time of the incident, but returned approximately 40 minutes later.

The Age of Narcissistic Celebrities

Although second-rate satire, the Huzlers article does peg Kanye West as acting like a narcissist. A label that is not difficult to believe given West’s reputation for egotistical comments and actions over the last several years. In the Huzlers story, it is surmised that Kanye attempts to soothe his daughter’s crying by playing his latest album for her. When this doesn’t work, he wishes his daughter had never been born.

Despite the fact that the Huzlers tale is fictional, these are very selfish and self-absorbed actions that one might expect from a severely narcissistic parent.


Huzlers is a website that distributes a tawdry and adolescent brand of satire. Occasionally, they post outrageous news stories that are actually real, but the majority of their output is fictional. At the bottom of their webpage is an ‘About Us’ heading that identifies them as a satirical site.

Fake news passed off as satire has become increasingly trendy and lucrative over the past two years. At times, these false stories can even go viral as satire is mistaken for genuine news. The potential exists to deceive millions of people as scores of credulous social media users transmit headlines through social media pathways. At the same time, satire sites experience an explosion of internet traffic which is made profitable through advertising.

Bottom Line

Kanye West was not seen or heard expressing regret (“I should have pulled out”) regarding the birth of his daughter. This is a false claim which has emerged from a known satire site called Huzlers.

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