Satire: Justin Bieber Has Ebola

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A satire article from August of 2014 is recirculating with claims that Justin Bieber has been hospitalized with the Ebola virus.

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This satirical column actually comes from one of the more amusing and higher quality satire sites, The Daily Currant.  The mock write-up tells the story of a charity visit by Justin Bieber to a cancer-stricken admirer at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Much of the fictional account is told through false, but amusing, quotes from a doctor. Apparently poking fun at the star’s rumored entitlement, Bieber contracts the virus when he is told that he cannot access an isolation ward containing two Ebola patients, yet intentionally enters these areas just because he is told they are off limits.

The following is one of the absurdly humorous quotes from the article:

“We seriously considered not treating him,”says Dr. Lance Gibbons, head of infectious disease research at the hospital. “On the one hand we had a moral obligation to provide care. On the other hand, his music is arguably a public health hazard… Ultimately we decided to give him treatment. But it was a tough call.”

Again, this article is satire.

The Daily Currant

Satire news sites have become a popular and lucrative endeavor over the last two years. Developing along with this trend is a contemporary brand of satire which lacks humor and attempts to draw in traffic/revenue through fear mongering and trolling hot button topics. This new strain of satire frequently produces viral stories which obscure the boundaries between fact and fiction. The result can be millions of social media users who are easily taken in by scandalous headlines, perhaps transmitting links to the articles before even reading them or bothering to check sources.

The Daily Currant is one of the better satire sites to become popular. Unlike other sites which have embraced the new variety of satire, Daily Currant articles are often entertaining while making ironic points about the reality of a situation. Still, their features are altogether imaginary.

There is a link to an ‘About’ page at the bottom right of every Daily Currant page. Visiting this page lets readers know that the Daily Currant is a satire site. A quote from the page reads as follows, “Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”.


Justin Bieber has not been hospitalized with the Ebola virus. The article which claims this is a satire piece created by the Daily Currant.

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