Debunked: ISIS Militants With Ebola Caught in Arizona

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Late yesterday a fake news article from National Report claimed that 8 ISIS militants infected with Ebola were caught in Arizona. This story is untrue.

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This is the latest fraudulent Ebola story to emanate from National Report, a notorious satire site. The article claims that 8 Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters were caught attempting to cross the border from Mexico into Arizona. Disturbingly, the editorial goes on to report that the eight militants were infected with Ebola and held money, fake IDs, and maps of major U.S. cities. Included within the article is a false quote attributed to a Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) official.

This article is completely fictitious. We repeat, it is fake.

Satirical Ebola

Ebola stories have been popular for both the major news media and the satire sites which spoof them. Lately, National Report has been responsible for a series of viral Ebola articles, many of which lack humor and resort to scare tactics. Consider some of these recent false National Report Ebola stories:

National Report

National Report creates a type of satire which is often humorless, and at times is mistaken for actual news.  After these articles are posted and disseminated through a series of related social media accounts, careless social media users then begin the process of sharing the headlines with friends and acquaintances. During this time it appears that the fictional and satirical nature of the articles are overlooked, and the end result is sometimes a viral meme which is confused as authentic news.

At one time in the past, the National Report website contained a disclaimer that let readers know their articles were fictional works of satire. However, this disclaimer is now currently hidden on a legal page for the site, or has been removed entirely. The only disclaimer currently visible is one which warns that the site is not intended for minors.


8 ISIS fighters with Ebola have not been caught trying to cross the border into the United States. The article that makes these claims is a work of fiction originating from satire site National Report.

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