Fake News: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Death of Joan Rivers

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A fake article published yesterday by a satirical website states that ISIS was claiming responsibility for the death of Joan Rivers.

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Fake News

Take two popular trending topics, combine them in a way that sounds authentic, and you’ve got yourself a fake satire news story. The website¬† which produced this article does this every day, and that website is the satire-based National Report.

The fictive write-up describes how a Twitter account linked with the notorious Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had claimed responsibility for the death of Joan Rivers. Conveniently, the story cites no sources in regards to this particular information and claims that the Twitter account making the statement has since been deleted.

The picture depicting the Twitter account seems to have come from a March 1st blog (Dizy on the Beat) post detailing how ISIS had tweeted out pictures of a man who had his hand cut off by the militant group for an alleged theft.

With stories that seem real while sometimes lacking the humor that is usually associated with satire, the recipe is complete for a potentially viral story to be picked up and passed along by people who fail to realize the “satirical” origin of the piece. It seems that many people glance at these headlines, and simply pass them along as likely to be true without actually reading the article or considering the source.


ISIS did not claim responsibility for the death of Joan Rivers. It may sound true, but the article is an item of fake news which has been distributed by National Report, a satire website which produces fake news stories. A picture of a Twitter account linked to the article was taken from a blog post dating back to the beginning of March.

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