Irish Archaeologists Did Not Discover Remains of Massacred Roman Legionnaires

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Over the weekend, a fictitious news article reported that archaeologists in Ireland had discovered the remains of massacred Roman legionnaires.

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Fake News Story

Yet another make-believe news story has been heaved on the social media masses by World News Daily Report. This story states that a team of Irish archeologists had identified the remains of 471 Roman soldiers in a mass grave close to an ancient Roman fortification being excavated near Dublin. According to the article, evidence seemed to indicate that the conquerors were a group of Irishmen from the 1st Century AD. The article is a fake news story.

Inaccurate Photos

World News Daily Report consistently uses photos from other sites, regularly changing their framework to fit in with their fabricated narratives. The second photograph included in the article claims to show a Roman dagger discovered at the site. It is indeed a real Roman dagger, but it is from a 2008 excavation in northern Germany. View the original article where the picture came from here.

World News Daily Report

Over the last two years, a handful of popular websites have sprung up which post fictional news articles in the name of satire. World News Daily Report is one of these sites. While some of their content may be too wacky to be taken seriously, other articles which contain more serious content may go viral when they are misinterpreted as real news and subsequently shared via social media.

A disclaimer link is present at the top of the site which lets visitors know that all the articles contained on the site are fake, yet the viral nature of some of their articles seems to be an indication that many readers miss this.


Archeologists did not discover the remains of massacred Roman legionnaires in Ireland.  This article was posted on World News Daily Report, and the site contains a disclaimer which acknowledges that all of its writings are fake.

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