Indonesian Ape Man Creature Not Shot Down in Borneo Jungle

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Yesterday a fabricated news article announced that an ape man creature was killed in the jungles of Borneo in Indonesia. The story is fictitious.

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World News Daily Report is the website that presented the claim. All the stories appearing on the site are make-believe.


This concocted feature maintains that indigenous members of the Dayuk tribe had killed and buried an unidentified species of ape that had been upsetting local jungle natives. It is then claimed that the Indonesian army seized the beast’s corpse from the grave and attempted to cover up the episode. The story seems to be implying that the ape creature was some kind of obscure missing link. To recap what was mentioned above, this news is fake.

World News Daily Report

World News Daily Report generally issues imaginary news stories of a preposterous and satirical nature. In the past month, they have delivered a succession of viral narratives which have included claims that a homeless British woman was pregnant with Prince Harry’s child, the skull of William Wallace had been discovered in England, and German scientists had proven the existence of an after life.

Many people seem to miss the disclaimer near the top of the World News Daily Report website. The disclaimer communicates that all writings on the site are fictional tales.

Picture Origins

Oftentimes, World News Daily Report uses photographs from other websites, and relabels them to fit into the plots of their fictive accounts. The first picture of military men gathered around a tank is from a 2011 story of an uprising in Indonesia, and the original picture can be found in this article. The second picture claiming to be a Dayuk tribe leader is actually a picture of a tribesman from a blog page devoted to activist Bruno Manser. The third picture in the article appears to be a still or production photograph from an award-winning 2008 documentary called The Last Nomads.


An ape man creature was not shot and killed in the Indonesian jungles of Borneo. This fictional news article came from the World News Daily Report website.

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