Ice Bucket Challenge is Not Causing California’s Drought

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A recent article implies that the ice bucket challenge is partly responsible for drought in California. This claim is completely manufactured.

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It is artificial news…

According to a site recognized for generating untruthful news stories (National Report), the ice bucket challenge is partially to blame for California’s drought. The write-up cites some real data from a recent article in the LA Times, and then casually slips in the unsubstantiated statistic that thirty three million gallons of water are wasted in ice bucket challenges every day in California. It is obvious that this item is supposed to be satire.

The seemingly popular article has amassed over 200 comments in the two weeks since it was posted. While some comments pointed out the absurd nature of the article, the majority of the comments were pointless arguments in relation to things like the science of the water table. Either there are a lot of people playing along, or some people actually believe this story.

Some stories from the National Report have gone viral which results in some people confusing real news with fake news. In the past, National Report briefed readers on the satirical nature of their content, but now they appear to be attempting to pass themselves off as a more serious news source. Nonetheless, anyone reading the author’s brief bio should immediately recognize the mock nature of the column.


The ice bucket challenge is not the cause of California’s drought. This editorial is a concocted tale which mixes facts with fiction.

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