Satire: George Zimmerman Was Not Arrested in Ferguson

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Last week, satirical website National Report reported that George Zimmerman was arrested on weapons charges while visiting Ferguson, MO. The story is phony.

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Fake News

National Report, a website that creates satirical counterfeit news, reported that George Zimmerman was arrested for pulling a handgun on two teenagers while visiting a Duncan Donuts in Ferguson, Missouri. The article reports that other weapons were discovered in Zimmerman’s car and conveniently claims that the encounter was filmed on a cell phone, yet the footage was confiscated by police for their investigation. There is also a misleading 33 second YouTube video attached to the story, but the footage shows Zimmerman being taken into custody for the shooting of Trayvon Martin in February of 2012. This entire story and all its details are false.

While it is true that George Zimmerman had had a couple well publicized brushes with the law in 2013 (read here and here), George Zimmerman was not arrested in Ferguson.

Originally, National Report’s site contained a waiver warning readers that the site was satire and did not contain real information. However, this warning has apparently been withdrawn, and some visitors to the site actually appear to believe the false stories that have been posted.


Another satire website, CreamBMP Daily, posted yet another Zimmerman-Ferguson post, stating that Zimmerman attended Michael Brown’s funeral to show people he wasn’t “the animal they think I am.”

That story is also fake.


George Zimmerman was not arrested in Ferguson, and the story presented by National Report with this claim is entirely made up. George Zimmerman has been detained by the police for various incidents several times since being acquitted for shooting Trayvon Martin, yet the story claiming that he was arrest in Ferguson is bogus. He also did not attend Michael Brown’s funeral as suggested by another satire site, CreamBMP Daily.

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