Fake News: Free Cars for Welfare Recipients

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A story circulating this week claims that Congress passed a bill that will provide free automobiles to welfare recipients. The story, however, is fake.

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Fake Story

The article comes from the website Empire News, which publishes nothing but fake, outlandish stories with no basis in reality. Another recent article by that website claims “Kim & Kanye” flavored potato chips will soon be arriving in stores.

In the false story, we read that White House press secretary Josh Earnest announced the plan which would provide cars and a gas stipend to welfare recipients. The fake story also includes bogus quotes from other politicians. The story claims this program would begin in January 2015.

Freebies to welfare recipients is not a new topic to satire sites. Last year, a viral story claimed that The Daily Currant stated that Obama was opening free gas stations in poor neighborhoods. That article circulated for months, shared by those outraged by the headline without realizing the story was fake.

Empire News

This website publishes false stories in the name of “satire” and “entertainment.” Many stories by the website have gone viral in recent months due to sharing by readers unaware that the articles on that site are fake.


The story which claims welfare recipients will receive free automobiles and gas stipends is fake. It was published by Empire News, a fake news website.

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