Fake News: FDA Finds Coors Light Laced With Cocaine

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Yesterday a fake news article appeared claiming the FDA had found thousands of Coors Light beers had been laced with cocaine across the nation.

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Fake News

This latest item of fake news has originated from Huzlers. Apparently a variation on the word ‘hustler’, the website claims to mix real outrageous news stories with satirical fiction in order to “keep its visitors in a state of disbelief”. While most of their stories appear to be false, they have recently featured a number of authentic news stories. It seems easy to tell the difference, as the fake stories are usually only one or two paragraphs and do not cite any sources.

Their new article is no exception. It claims that the FDA discovered cocaine within Coors Light beer across the country after beer drinkers complained of feeling strange. The brief article, which is only two paragraphs long, goes on to claim that the FDA would be shutting down Coors production for a month to complete an investigation. There are no credible sources cited, and the story is too short to really provide readers with any in-depth information. Of course, the story is fake.

Admittedly, the story is outlandish, yet some people will pick it up, believe it is true, and pass it on through various social media channels. At some point, it could become just another viral meme that has spun out of control. Would you you get your trusted news from a site called Huzlers?


The FDA has not found cocaine within Coors Light beer. The story claiming this is from Huzlers, a satire site which admits to blending scandalous true and false news stories.

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