Fake News: Semen Found in Starbucks Drinks

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A report circulating on social media this week states that semen has been found in Starbucks drinks. The story is fake.

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False News

The false report comes from the fake news website Huzlers, which has been responsible for a series of viral fake stories in 2014. This particular story claims that human semen was included in Starbucks drinks to add more flavor. The bogus report also claims the FDA is currently investigating this shocking find.

In early September 2014, Huzlers released a similarly themed fake story in which they claimed cocaine had been found in Coors Light and the FDA had shutdown the brewery to investigate.


Fake news such as this, which is often published under the guise of “satire,” has been on the rise in 2014 with websites like Huzlers churning out high volumes of low-quality fake news reports in hopes that the shocking headlines will prompt social media sharing. These phony news sites post shocking and outlandish stories, apparently in hopes of creating a viral sensation – which leads to increased traffic and revenue for those sites. Huzlers includes an “About Us” which notes that it publishes a “combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment.”

Previous Hoaxes

In May 2014, a similar hoax circulated in which a woman allegedly found human semen mixed into the mayo of a McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich. That story claimed that the woman developed herpes as a result of her contact with the bodily fluid.

As BuzzFeed pointed out at the time, variations of this story have circulated for more than a decade. Variants have included Chinese food, sandwiches, and pizza, and been told as occurring in several countries.

Bottom Line

The story circulating this week which claims semen has been found in Starbucks drinks is bad satire based on an old and recurring urban legend.

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