Eric Holder Did Not Pay Gang Members to Riot in Ferguson

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Over the weekend, it was proclaimed that Attorney General Eric Holder paid gang members to start riots in Ferguson, Missouri. The story is a fraudulent concoction.

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Two days ago, National Report featured an editorial claiming that evidence was discovered indicating Eric Holder, the 82nd Attorney General of the United States, paid gang members to start riots during peaceful protests in Ferguson, MO. The article alleges that an investigation was underway and that the probable motive of the incident was political distraction and a testing of martial law mobilization. This story is completely unreal and unfounded.

Eric Holder has been a controversial figure involved in several scandals. Due to an investigation regarding Operation Fast and Furious, he is the only United States cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of congress in history. However, President Obama evoked executive privilege in a decision to prevent possible charges being brought against Holder. While this account is authentic and true, the story that he paid gang members to riot in Ferguson is not.

In the last year, fake news has become profitable, and some fake stories go viral. When this happens, some people seem oblivious to the fact that these features are untrue. National Report used to inform its readers that its columns were satire, but the disclaimer has disappeared in recent times.


Attorney General Eric Holder did not pay gang members to riot in Ferguson. The piece of writing asserting this is make-believe.

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