Satire: Eric Holder Takes $77 Million Job With JPMorgan Chase

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A satirical article posted yesterday claims that attorney general Eric Holder has taken a job with JPMorgan Chase which pays $77 million dollars a year.

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This satirical and fictional article was posted by the Daily Currant. The write-up describes how recently-resigned U.S. attorney general Eric Holder has accepted a job with JPMorgan Chase which pays a $77 million dollar a year salary. Included in the feature are several false quotations, some of which are actually quite humorous, and a brief history of Eric Holder’s career before being appointed attorney general.

Good Satire vs. Bad Satire

Ultimately, the irony in this article is clearly addressing the shadowy affiliations between government and big business. It also seems to be addressing the tendency for the masses to ignore the important issues while focusing on shallow and peripheral distractions.  Throughout history, the collusion of government and corporate interests have arguably had disastrous results, and the addition of an inattentive and preoccupied public can be a troubling combination.

At times, it is easier to voice such thoughts using satire. It has a way of getting to the heart of a matter and bypassing defenses through humor.

Daily Currant produces satirical stories which are actually entertaining and ironic. A far cry from the “bad satire” we usually see that is frequently missing the comical sarcasm normally attributed to satire. In other words, they present good satire. The amusing elements prevent it from being misinterpreted by too many as genuine news.  Still, some may only glance at the headline before sharing it on social media.

The Daily Currant

At the bottom of each Daily Currant webpage, there is an ‘About’ link which cautions readers that all articles are fictional works of satire.


Eric Holder has not taken a $77 million job with JPMorgan Chase. Daily Currant has posted this story, and it is a satirical work of fiction.

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