Fake Story: Eminem Quits Music After Checking into Rehab

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Last week, it was claimed that Eminem quit the music business after checking into a rehab center due to heroin addiction. This claim is false.

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Fake Story

This bit of false reporting come from a website called Huzlers. They are known to integrate fictional stories posing as satire with real news of a stupefying nature. A disclaimer confessing this fact can currently be found in the lower right hand corner of the Huzler webpage. For some, telling the difference between the real and phony news can be difficult, yet the easiest way to tell is to search Google to see if anyone else is reporting on it. If Huzlers is the only site reporting a certain claim, there is a good chance that it is a bogus article.

The Eminem article was posted late last week, and seems to be presently recirculating. According to the article, Eminem has said he will quit music after checking into a drug rehabilitation center for heroin addiction. It features a fake quote from Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenburg. Although there have been rumors of Eminem’s retirement from music, and his battles with alcoholism & prescription drugs have been well publicized, the claims that he is quitting music are not true. In fact, he has a new double album coming out called Shady XV that will be released on November 24th, and was recently featured in an article from Billboard. One disc of the double album will be a greatest hits collection while the second disc will feature new material.

In the last year and a half, there has been a rising increase in the number of satirical sites which publish fake news. For some reason these sites have become very popular, and it is thought that they may be quite profitable as well. Every now and then, a fake news item created by these sites will go viral as people share them as fact on social media.

Bottom Line

Eminem has not quit music after checking into rehab for heroin addiction. Huzlers, the site claiming the story, is known to mingle real news and fake news, and this news is fake. On November 24th of 2014, Eminem will be releasing a double album entitled Shady XV.

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