Document by Eyewitness to Jesus Miracle Has Not Been Found

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On October 4th of 2014, a fake article appeared claiming that a document had been discovered which described an eyewitness account of a miracle by Jesus.

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Fake News Story

This pseudo-historical article originated from World News Daily Report.  The fictitious editorial reports that an ancient historical document written by a Roman historian had been found in the Vatican archives.  According to World News Daily Report, this document was found to be an eyewitness account of a miracle performed by Jesus, and was allegedly being hailed as one of the most important finds in the historicity of the biblical Jesus.

Misapplied Photographs

World News Daily Report recurrently uses pictures posted by older websites and redefines them in the framework of their fabricated stories. A picture supposedly of the document(s) are actually a series of archaic Roman “postcards” known as the Vindolanda Tablets. An original picture can be found on the Wikipedia page devoted to the tablets, and they are currently housed at the British Museum in London.

The second picture included in the article, which claims to be the hired archivist that discovered the document, is actually a picture of Ken Klukowski (Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council). Originally, the picture was posted in the Christian Post, and shows Klukowski giving a speech in 2013 at a Family Research Council appearance.

Historicity of Jesus

Historical accounts of the biblical Jesus are a hotly debated topic which have raged for years. Attempts to adequately address the historicity of Jesus (either for or against) are far beyond the scope of this post. The main point here is that this particular World News Daily Report claim is untrue.

World News Daily Report

A small number of satirical websites which occasionally create viral hoaxes disguised as authentic news have become prominent over the last two years. World News Daily Report is one of those sites. A segment of the site is devoted to fictional historical/archeological themed articles such as the discovery of the skull of William Wallace, a discovery of an ancient city in the Australian desert, and the discovery of massacred 1st Century Roman Legionnaires in Ireland.

Many who believe the World News Daily Report stories appear to miss the disclaimer posted at the top of their site. The disclaimer concedes that all their stories are fake/fictional news which are intended to be interpreted as political satire.

Bottom Line

A document which reportedly gives an eyewitness account of Jesus performing a miracle has not been found. The website which published this article (World News Daily Report) contains a disclaimer which discloses that all writings on the site are fake.

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