Fake News: Dennis Rodman Talks With ISIS Leaders

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A fake story this week claims that Dennis Rodman has left the U.S. to speak with leaders of ISIS.

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Fake News

The phony story was published by fake news generator National Report. The article states that Rodman announced his plans at LAX as he intended to sit down with ISIS leaders face-to-face. The story also contains fake quotes by Rodman and his agent. A YouTube video is included in the report but that video is also a product of National Report and contains no truthful information.

Dennis Rodman

A report about Dennis Rodman leaving the country to speak with a brutal leader may not seem outlandish due to the fact that Rodman established a friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in recent years. The former NBA star, however, announced in 2014 that he would not return to the country in response to criticism at home.

In early 2014, National Report published another fake Rodman story which gained some social media attention. That story claimed that Rodman had been arrested in North Korea after a verbal altercation with Kim Jong-Un.

National Report

The website National Report is one of a handful of recent fake news publishers which offer phony news in the name of satire. While some of the website’s content is clearly humorous, other stories feel like real news, often fooling social media users into sharing the phony reports.

National Report has posted a disclaimer in the past which notes that its content is fake. That disclaimer has also been removed or hidden on several occasions.


Dennis Rodman did not leave the US to speak with leaders of ISIS. This fictional report was published by the fake news website National Report. Although Rodman has traveled to hostile areas in the past, he has sworn off this practice in response to criticism.

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