Not True: Catholic Priest Converts to Islam After 17 Month Coma

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A fictitious article published today claims that a Catholic priest had converted to Islam after being in a coma for 17 months.

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Not True

This fictional story comes from political satire website World News Daily Report. The article tells the story of a Catholic priest who suffered a heart attack and remained in a coma for a year and five months (17 months). After waking from the coma, the write-up claims that the man reported seeing Allah and converted to Islam.

To reiterate, this story is a fake news article from a website that creates political satire.

Near Death Experience Articles

This seems to be an attempt by World News Daily Report to cash in on the viral success of earlier articles on the subject of near death experience. In late August, World News Daily Report published a fake article claiming that German scientists had discovered proof of the afterlife.

In May of 2014, the Daily Currant published a successful satirical article about a 12-year-old Christian boy who died for three minutes and met Allah in heaven.

It seems that many satire sites have followed with their own versions of a near death experience article.

World News Daily Report

According to a disclaimer posted at the top of every page on the World News Daily Report website, they are a satirical politics site that publishes only fictional/fake news articles.

Some readers miss the disclaimer, mistake their fiction for real news, and spread the stories via various social media channels.


A Catholic priest has not converted to Islam after a 17 month coma. The article which claims this comes from a political satire website called World News Daily Report. They only publishes fake/fictional news stories.

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