Fake Story: Casey Anthony Not Pregnant With Twins

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A fake story circulating this week claims that Casey Anthony is pregnant with twins.

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The fake report comes from the website National Report. That site produces fictional works which are intended to be satire – and likely click-bait – which often fools readers into clicking and sharing its outlandish content.

In the fictional story, we read that Anthony, who was acquitted in the murder trial of her daughter Caylee, was “confirmed” to be four months pregnant with twins.

The false story continues with a narrative explaining that Anthony will also star in a reality series documenting her pregnancy.

A follow-up story by National Report also claims that Anthony used artificial insemination to conceive her twins.

Fake Photo

The second article includes a photo said to be of a pregnant Casey Anthony. That image, however, is a poorly-Photoshopped version of a Kendra Wilkinson baby bump shot from April 2014.

Casey Anthony has largely avoided the headlines in recent months. The most reported story in recent weeks related to the case is that of the retirement of Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over the infamous case.

National Report

The rise in fake news and satire is exemplified by sites such as National Report. While its initial disclaimer admitted that the site produced satire, its current disclaimer only suggests that its material is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Bottom Line

Casey Anthony is not pregnant with twins. That report comes from the fake news website National Report, which is known to produce outrageous – and fictional – stories.

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