Debunked: Buzz Aldrin Claims Moon Landing was Fake

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A bogus news article beginning to circulate claims that Buzz Aldrin has come forward saying the Apollo 11 moon landing was faked.

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This latest piece of absurd clickbait comes from satirical website Huzlers. The fictional piece of writing claims that Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin has come forward to reveal the moon landings were fake. Contained within the write-up are a series of false quotes attributed to Aldrin in which he explains that the moon landings were hoaxed as part of the the cold war rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. It is claimed that the confession was made in a video clip and on Twitter, yet there is no link to the video, and the column claims the Tweet had been deleted by Twitter at the request of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The only truth stated in article is that NASA unintentionally erased original tapes of the moon landing. However, copies of the television broadcast were saved by CBS and the Johnson Space Center, and some of these copies have been restored and digitally remastered in recent years.

NASA Themed Stories

Conspiracy theories claiming that the moon landings were hoaxed have circulated for years.

In September, a popular news story made the rounds which claimed many conspiracy theories were debunked when graphics company Nvidia built a digital 3D reconstruction of the moon landing scene which compared lighting to the broadcast footage.

No Apollo astronauts have ever come forward to claim that the landings were faked. On the contrary, they have been adamant about the reality that the United States landed on the moon in July of 1969.

In late October, Huzlers published a false viral story claiming that NASA had confirmed that the earth would experience 6 days of darkness in December of 2014 due to a massive solar storm. It appears this latest article from Huzlers is an attempt to capitalize on another NASA/space themed story.


In the last two years, a profusion of satire sites have materialized. Some of these sites have become infamous for spawning a daily stream of fake stories which sometimes go viral when confused with real news.  These satire sites often post their false stories to social media accounts where they are shared by scores of wide-eyed users. Often, it appears that those sharing the fake stories are either associated with the satire site or believers that do not check sources and merely glance at headlines before passing the stories on.

Huzlers is one of these sites. Despite being more than capable of disseminating viral stories, their variety of satire is often juvenile and mediocre.

Almost all satire sites display a disclaimer which informs visitors/readers of their satirical nature. Huzlers disclaimer can be found at the bottom of each of their webpages under an ‘About Us’ heading.


Buzz Aldrin has not come forward to reveal that the Apollo 11 moon landings were faked. The article which claims this comes from a well-known satire site called Huzlers.

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