Hoax: Bill Gates Offers $9,000,000 to Young Thug

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A satire article in heavy circulation claims that Bill Gates has offered rapper Young Thug $9,000,000 if he’ll stop rapping.

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This bogus article was released by “satire” site Huzlers.  The short write-up falsely claims that technology mogul and former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has offered offbeat rapper Young Thug nine million dollars if he will stop rapping. It includes a fake quote from Gates detailing how he had become despondent after randomly hearing a Young Thug song, and that he was prepared to offer the rapper even more money if his initial proposal was declined. Apparently, this satirical commentary is mocking Young Thug’s unique style of rapping.


Huzlers is a “satirical entertainment” website which mixes the occasional true news story (which are often shockingly bizarre) with a daily stream of outrageous false stories.  At the bottom of each Huzler webpage is an ‘About Us’ clause which informs readers of the site’s mostly satirical nature. Fake stories by Huzlers are often very brief and do not provide credible sources revealing where they received reported information. Of course, this story about Bill Gates and Young Thug is one of their made-up anecdotes.

Currently this brief write-up is experiencing heavy sharing through social media. It is not known whether people are sharing this articles because they find the satire amusing or they are confusing the imaginary nature of the stories with reality. At least some people seem to believe that these Huzler stories may be true.


Bill Gates has not offered rapper Young Thug $9,000,000 dollars if he will stop rapping. This is a fake satire article which is poking fun at Young Thug’s rapping style. The article has been released by satirical website Huzlers.

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