Hoax: Big Lebowski 2 Announced

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A fake article released earlier today claims that Big Lebowski 2 has been announced and will begin filming in 2015. Again, the article is fake.

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This counterfeit story is the latest hoax perpetrated by satire website National Report. The bogus article claims that the Coen brothers had decided to make a sequel to cultĀ  favorite “The Big Lebowksi” after reading a new script that had been written. It goes on to state that major actors from the original cast would return along with Bill Murray playing “The Dude’s” brother.

A few fake quotations are included along with links to several entertainment websites. However, these links do not go to specific articles, and instead just go to the homepages of the sites. This seems to be a common National Report ploy for adding apparent authenticity to fake articles.

The article claims the movie would begin filming in 2015 and was scheduled for release in 2016.

The Big Lebowski 2

Tara Reid starred in a satirical skit for Funnyordie.com entitled “The Big Lebowski 2” in 2011. The Coen brothers were reportedly amused by the spoof, but claimed that had no plans to make a sequel.

This is not the first “Big Lebowsk” hoax to grace the internet. According to NME, a Big Lebowski 2 hoax went viral in the summer of 2012. The hoaxed article came from a parody website called Super Official News, and was originally picked up by CBS Los Angeles before being retracted after it was discovered the article was fake.

In May of 2013, the Toronto Star reported that the Coen brothers said there would be no Big Lebowski sequel at a press conference at Cannes Film Festival.

National Report

Recently, satire website which produce fake news articles have become prevalent as credulous social media users widely distribute the phony headlines. At any given time, there seems to be at least one viral headline circulating from one of these sites. National Report is one such site.

Previously, the National Report website had included a disclaimer which informed readers that their articles were satirical fiction. Now the disclaimer has been removed from the site or has been hidden.

Bottom Line

Big Lebowski 2 has not been announced. In fact, the Coen brothers have publicly stated that there would be no sequel on several occasions. The website which published this fake article (National Report) is a well-known satirical news site.

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