Fake News: Graffiti Artist Banksy Not Arrested

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A fake news item spreading online today asserts that graffiti artist known as Banksy was arrested today in London.

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Fake News

The report comes from the fake news website National Report, which has been the source of many false viral stories in recent months.

In the phony report, we read that the graffiti artist which has eluded capture for years was finally apprehended by London police over the weekend. It continues to state that Banksy’s true identity was revealed and that he is actually Paul Horner, a 35-year old man from Liverpool.

Borrowed Photos

The article includes a photo which allegedly shows Banksy’s arrest. The photo features two officers escorting a man who is cloaked by a jacket over his head. That photo, however, can be found from a 2011 report in which London police responded to a riot leading up to the Notting Hill Carnival. It has nothing to do with Banksy.

Another photo included in the story includes a badly-Photoshopped mugshot, allegedly released by the Associated Press.

Fake Video

The bogus report includes an embedded “news” YouTube video about Banksy’s purported arrest. That video was created by NRTV – a channel created by National Report. It merely echoes the same false information contained in the fake Bansky arrest story.

National Report

This website is self-described as satire, although the disclaimer making this concession is often cloaked or hidden. The shocking and outlandish headlines often draw attention and media sharing by those unaware that the site produces nothing but fiction.

Bottom Line

Graffiti artist Banksy was not arrested in London. That report was published by the fake news website National Report.

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