Debunked: Baby in India Born With Two Minds

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A fake article circulating claims that a baby in India has been born with two minds, but only one body. This write-up comes from a satire website.

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This fictional story comes from “political satire” website World News Daily Report. The fabricated article tells the tale of a baby born in India with an unusual abnormality that caused the development of two minds in a single body. Unlike traditional disrosopus, World News Daily Report claims this is a truly singular case in which the two minds shared the same face and frame, yet controlled opposites sides of the body. It goes on to state that the child was being thought of as a personification of Hindu deity, and crowds clamoring to see the infant had grown so large in Islamabad that police were forced to disperse them.

Once more, this article is fake.

Two Minds in One Body?

Although rare medical conditions such as disrosopus and conjoined twins (“Siamese twins”) do exist, these often include duplicate heads or facial features which share the same bodily frame. As far as we know, there has not been a credible case of disrosopus in which an infant was born with two minds which shared a single body without some form of dualistic craniums or facial characteristics.

Nonetheless, the inspiration for the World News Daily Report story may be a real 2008 article from ABC news. The article relates the story of a girl in rural India born with two heads. Some felt the girl was an incarnation of the Hindu deity Ganesh, and hundreds of locals flocked to see the child. Unfortunately, the infant died at the age of two months due to dehydration and an infection brought on by a cleft palate.

Pictures on World News Daily Report

World News Daily Report often finds photographs on the internet and reuses them in their fictional accounts. The pictures of the infant with the over-sized head attached to the article is actually a child with an extreme form of hydrocephalus, a condition which causes swelling of the brain due to the accumulation of fluid inside the skull.

The child in the picture is a 3-year-old girl named Roona Begum from New Delhi, India.

Another picture attached to the article which shows a panel of doctors was taken from a 2012 article in a publication called The Hindu.

World News Daily Report

At the top of the World News Daily Report website, there is a ‘Disclaimer’. Visiting this page reveals that the site is a satirical publication which deals exclusively with fake news.


A baby with two minds sharing a single body has not been born in India. This claim originated from a satirical website which propagates fake news articles. The rare form of disrosopus as described in the story does not appear to exist in reality. However, disrospus is a real, yet very rare, medical condition in which infants are born with two sets of certain facial features.

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