Debunked: Ann Coulter Suggests Ebola for Migrant Children

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In early August, a satire article reported that Ann Coulter suggested giving Ebola to migrant children as a solution to illegal child immigration.

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This fictional article comes from satirical publication The Daily Currant. The column states that controversial conservative Ann Coulter proposed infecting migrant children with Ebola and sending them back across the border as a probable solution to illegal immigration. According to the write-up, the comment was made to Sean Hannity on Fox News, and  concludes with the implication that the statement may have been an intentional exaggeration to stir up publicity.

Although they may seem real to some, both the article and the quotes are fake.

The Daily Currant

The Daily Currant is one of many recently popularized satire websites which create fictional news articles that sometimes appear to be factual. Most of these sites write a humorless brand of satire that can sometimes be mistaken for reality among unsuspecting readers. For the most part, however, the Daily Currant publishes humorous satire which is too absurd to be taken seriously, yet occasionally their stories are still perceived as authentic news… perhaps some only scan the headline before becoming outraged and passing a link to the article along.

Anyone doubting the satirical nature of the Daily Currant should click on the ‘About’ link on their website. Here readers will see that they openly admit to writing made-up stories: “Our stories are purely fictional”.

Satirical Ebola Articles

With the Ebola outbreak in Africa and the first reported cases of Ebola on American soil, the reviled virus has been a constant topic in the major news media. This also makes it popular fodder for satire websites attempting to cash in on viral stories devoted to media trends. Many fake Ebola stories from several satire websites are currently making the social media rounds.


Ann Coulter did not suggest giving Ebola to migrant children. The article which claims this came from a satirical website called The Daily Currant. They publish only fictional stories which can sometimes be misinterpreted as real news.

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