Hoax: 20 Elephants Slaughtered by African Billionaire

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A fake story is circulating about 20 elephants being slaughtered for an African billionaire’s birthday party. The article comes from a satire site.

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This fake report is the latest from satire site World News Daily Report to troll unwary social media users.  The write-up tells the fictional story of an extravagant $200 million dollar birthday bash for 20 year-old Jalabnanke Babawatke, the son of a wealthy African oil tycoon. Details of the bogus party included claims of 20,000 drunken guests, attendance of celebrities such as Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, and the father’s gift of a Tiger Attack Helicopter. It is then claimed that Jalabnanke Babawatke had the new helicopter flown into the Boni National Reserve in Kenya where he proceeded to slaughter 20 elephants.

This article is an attempt to profit off traffic drawn in by trolling social media. We repeat, it is a fake article from a satire site.


World News Daily Report routinely takes photos from other places on the internet for their fictional stories.

The first picture attached to the article, which shows a man on a helicopter holding a rife while hovering over an elephant, is actually a photograph which circulated almost a year ago in early December of 2013. In fact, the picture was featured in the Telegraph as an “Animal Photo of the Week“. It is actually a picture of Kenyan Wildlife Services (KWS)  and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in the process of tagging elephants with GPS tracking devices in order to prevent poaching. The rifle being used is actually shooting tranquilizer darts.

The photo which claims to show several of the 20 slaughtered elephants is actually a picture of 5 elephants that were slain along with 7 others at the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. NBC reported on this story in early 2013, and the article can be found here along with the photo and a video. In the video, the event was called “the bloodiest attack by poachers in Kenyan history.”

World News Daily Report

The World News Daily Report website contains a ‘Disclaimer’ page which identifies it as a satire site. This disclaimer can be found at the top of the site. A quote from the disclaimer reads, “All news articles contained within worldnewsdailyreport.com are fiction, and presumably fake news.”


An African billionaire has not slaughtered 20 elephants for his birthday. The article claiming this comes from known satire site World News Daily Report.

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