Not True: 19 Kids and Counting Canceled

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A fake news article claims that TLC has canceled 19 Kids and Counting after discovering that Michelle Duggar gave birth to a racially mixed child.

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This item of counterfeit news was introduced by a site that puts out fictional satire called National Report.


The vague pseudo-article claims that TLC unexpectedly canceled 19 Kids and Counting after learning that Michelle Duggar had given birth to a racially mixed child prior to her marriage to Jim Duggar. It includes a false quotation from TLC, and offers no citations in relation to the source of the information. The remainder of the piece appears to be filler material intended to lengthen the article and increase the “satirical” impact.

National Report

National Report frequently addresses subjects of mainstream popularity, often attempting to “troll” the masses of social media users with fabricated additions that are surprising and controversial. While some of their articles are too outrageous to be taken seriously, others skillfully blur the lines between fantasy and reality in a way which appears realistic to unwary readers.

The site once displayed a visible disclaimer which revealed the satirical nature of their writings. In the past year, the clause has been exchanged with one that only states that the site is not meant for those under the age of 18.

Satirical Nature of Articles

Customarily, satire has a humorously playful tone which blatantly exposes ironies. However, this new breed of satire is frequently lacking in comical qualities, and sometimes takes on an aggressively snarky & acerbic edge. The “bad satire” in this particular feature seems to be attempting to address the hypocrisy of fundamentalist religion.


TLC has not canceled 19 Kids and Counting due to the disclosure that Michelle Duggar birthed a mixed-race child in a preceding relationship. The story claiming this is fake.

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