Hoax: 15-Ton Prehistoric Shark Captured Off Coast Of Pakistan

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A recent story claims that a 15-ton megalodon shark was caught off the coast of Pakistan. The fake article comes from a site which creates fictional news.

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This story was created by World News Daily Report. The article reports that a 15-ton prehistoric megalodon was caught off the coast of Pakistan. It goes on to state that the shark was twice the size of a fully grown great white shark, and was approximated to be 2-3 years old. Included are a number of fake quotes attributed to various experts and three photographs taken from other sources.

Debunking Photos

World News Daily Report almost always takes photos from other sources and reuses them in the context of their fictional stories. The first picture actually shows a large great white shark which was caught off the coast of South Africa in 2009. The article with the original photograph can be seen here. The second photograph comes from a foreign website, while the third is an actual picture of a megalodon tooth that was possibly taken from this site.


Although the World News Daily Report article is fictional, megalodons are a prehistoric shark that once existed, yet is thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago. Some have suggested that megalodons may have survived into modern history, but there is no verified evidence that this is the case.

In early August, Discovery channel aired its popular “Shark Week” which included a bogus documentary from 2013 called “Megalodon: The New Evidence”. Apparently some viewers were upset that a respected channel such as Discovery would broadcast a fabricated documentary. Read more about the response to the fake documentary here.

World News Daily Report

World News Daily Report is a satirical news website which distributes fictional/fake news articles. A disclaimer link at the top of the site advises readers of this fact. However, many seem to miss the disclaimer and pass some of their stories around social media as genuine news.


A 15-ton prehistoric shark was not captured off the coast of Pakistan. The article claiming this is from World News Daily Report which only publishes satirical fiction.

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